Wojciech Bergier

Born Nov. 10th 1972 in Krakow, Poland

Wojciech Bergier completed postgraduate studies in copyright and publishing law at the Inter-University Intellectual Property Institute, Jagiellonian University.

Areas of practice:

  • international law
  • criminal law
  • immigration law
Former Consul, Chief Attorney of Republic of Poland Diplomatic Service, Assigned to Polish Diplomatic Service in the USA.
Location: Consulate General, Los Angeles CA, USA
Prior to joining Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bergier was litigator specialized in intellectual property rights, criminal cases, white collar crimes.

Non-legal professional experience and other activity:

In addition to his law practice, he was working as writer journalist and he was a regular contributor to the weekly magazine Tygodnik Powszechny and Rzeczpospolita daily, as featured author of essays and interviews with lawyers.